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Paris Vlog: Episode #1 - Moving To Paris

Hello everyone, my name is Katie and it's so nice to meet you all! Welcome to my very first blog and vlog! I was born and raised in Canada and unfortunately have never had the opportunity to lived abroad. My partner Antoine had moved to Canada, Montreal 6 years ago and only visited his family in Paris once a year for the holidays. We decided to make a short length move to Paris to spend more time with his family since we're both getting old and I've always wanted to experience living abroad!

To give a more vivid look into my experience I've made everyone a short 15 minute vlog to go through the first stages of settling down into our new home. Would you like to learn more details on how we found our apartment in Paris and what to expect for size, conditions and more?

Thank you for reading and watching! If you liked this experience please subscribe to my blog and youtube channel. Until next time!


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My name is Katie and I own a small business that I run digitally. I absolutely love to travel and film which is why I made this website to share all my experiences with like minded people!

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