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Travel Guide: 5 Top Local Things To Do in London

London is truly a city of wonders. One of England's most fabulous traveling destinations that ranks even amongst the world. London can appeals into many different lifestyles and personalities as it is a diverse city with many different districts. Because of how popular London is there's so many tourist traps which is why I wanted to create a Travel Guide: 5 Top Local Things To Do in London!

1. Visit St-Martin's CT:

This street is so aesthetically satisfying and has so many amazing snack/food spots to try out. It's not too far from Covent Gardens which is a Market District with loads of stores, cafes, restaurants and more. Some notable places to check-out and try are:

  1. Jamaican Patty Co.

  2. Mr Fogg's Tavern (botanical's isn't too far either)

  3. WA Cafe

  4. MotherMash

2. Make Your Own Gin in Candem Market:

We visited Candem Market which was bursting with artist vibes and spray paint. It was giving massive steampunk vibes at the same time. During our visit we stumbled upon a micro gin distillery call The Half Hitch Gin and the owner was at the counter given some samples of their gin. He mentioned they offer "make your own gin workshops" where you bring an ingredient you would like to make into a gin. He said one women once brought a cake and he said it worked fine! How cool is that? We brought a bottle of his Gin and it's still our most loved gin we've every purchased - it's very tasty.

3. Visit Cloud M Tower of London instead of Sky Garden

We visited a little bar in the main city - and after tipping the bartender he let us know that there's a view exactly the same as Sky Garden but with NO line up. This view was at Cloud M Tower located inside a London hotel. The view was magnificent. Before heading over to Cloud M Tower we did want to double check and see if Sky Garden actually had a line-up. There was indeed a line-up and it was over a 1 hour wait. Cloud M Tower had no line up, plenty of sitting space and amazing cocktails - on top of that it was a local suggestion which really made our night.

4. Drinks at Mr.Foggs Botanical:

This London cocktail bar is definitely one of my favorites in the world. It's a hidden gem that exceeded all of my expectations. The Mr. Foggs establishment is a franchise of bars each having its own unique theme. We visited the Mr. Foggs Botanical establishment as well as Mr. Foggs Residence the establishment both were fantastic but the botanical Foggs was incredible.

5. Afternoon High-Tea at Bloomsbury

High-tea is a traditional English is an occasional social indulgence to catch up with friends or to celebrate a special event, such as a birthday, a pre-wedding party, etc. Bloomsbury offers an amazing ambiance for a stunning high-tea. In-general high-tea can be extremely expensive but Bloomsbury was very affordable at $50/person.

7. Live Show at Nightjar

Nightjar is a famous speak easy cocktail bar with a very sexy ambiance. The cocktails are extremely complex with creative presentations. The also have live shows on piano and microphone.

8. Stroll Around Neal’s Yard

We did not actually visit Neal's Yard but it's definitely a quirky highlight for London. It's very original and is well worth the visit especially if you want an original photo!

We hope you enjoyed this mini Tour Guide of London as a local! If you have any other activities or locations to share please leave them in the comments!


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